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October 3, 2019

Making Sense of Employment Insurance

Are you covered for all situations that involve employing other people in your business? Do you know what coverages are available, and what differentiates them? Today I am going to discuss the different types of coverage available that are associated with employment.

The first, and most common type, is employers liability insurance (also known as stop gap coverage). Employers Liability Coverage provides liability for bodily injury to employees arising out of and in the course of employment by the named insured. The insured must have a separate workers compensation policy in place. This coverage provides liability for gaps in coverage that workers compensation or the general liability insurance does not cover. Common examples of employers liability claims include loss of consortium and consequential bodily injury.

The next type that will be discussed is employee benefits liability. Employee benefits liability covers damages an insured is legally obligated to pay due to any act of negligence, error, mistake, or omission of an insured, or others for whom the insured is legally responsible, in the administration of the named insured’s employee benefit programs. For example, you hire an employee and offer health insurance, they accept and return all necessary forms to human resources. If human resources inadvertently fails to upload these benefits and the employee has a health insurance claim, this coverage would come into play.

The last type that will be discussed today is employment practices liability (also known as EPLI). This type of coverage offers protection against allegations of discrimination based on discrimination. Examples of this include discrimination based on age, sex, race, sexual orientation or disability.

Does your organization have employers liability, employee benefits, or employment practices insurance? All businesses that employ other people should review their policies to see if these coverages make sense for them. Contact us for a review today!

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